Friday, February 08, 2013


Ian is exactly 8 months and 8 days today. 
He  weighs 9kgs+ and he's 71cm tall. His two lower teeth came out a few weeks back when we were in Ho Chi Minh and as expected, it came with his 1st fever and then followed by flu.  We were alone in Ho Chi Minh at that time cause hubs had to go to Singapore for a few days. Being the kancheong and paranoia kinda Mom that I am, I was sort of prepared for it. I brought fever patch, his fever reducer meds, thermometer and whatnot. 
I literally packed a mini first aid kit into our luggage I kid you not.

Ian was actually okay during that 3 days of fever. He was still his bubbly self and his appetite was normal. But I on the other hand was about to get a panic attack. 
Why wouldn't I? 
We were alone in some foreign city, not knowing which clinic to go to, and trying to get information from the receptionist was impossible cause she can barely speak English. 
I decided to wait for hubs to come back cause Ian's fever was still not that high and he was still active and feeding well. I was constantly checking his temperature using my cheap crappy thermometer and sponging him when his body is too warm. 
My advice to mommy to be out there; make sure you DON'T get this type of thermometer. It's not baby friendly.

This type is way better. 

It's expensive but trust me you won't regret it. I got mine in Ho Chi Minh and boy I was lucky cause its so much cheaper there than it is in Malaysia. 

He's crying cause he really hate the cap haha. 
Can you spot his tiny teeth?


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