Thursday, October 04, 2012

Ian's Mom

Yes, I'm a Mom now and it's the most amazing experience! A whole new level of overwhelming awesomeness. 
I'd have to say the past 4 months have been quite tiring and stressful at times but all that feeling just magically disappear every time I see my baby's smile in the morning, or when he laughs or when I see his funny face when he's trying to poo or when he does his baby talk as if he's trying to tell me something. Everything and anything just becomes worth while :)

But honestly.......I'd be lying if I say I love every little bit of motherhood. There are times when I feel like it's all too much and I need a break. The need to have that extra hour of sleep, that extra time to enjoy some ME time. 
I guess that's normal and it means I'm not perfect. After all, when a life is handed to you for you to love, care, shape and ain't easy! 

A couple of weeks after delivering Ian, I decided, I should start a Mummy blog.
Cause I felt that there were some stuff that I wish I didn't do, things I wish I didn't buy, knowledge that I wish somebody had shared with me.
My Mom, Mom in law and my girlfriends shared their experiences with me and told me everything they know, but as I found out later, every baby is different and unique in their own way so what worked for them might not work for me.
But then again, it is always good to know and prepare yourself for all possibilities.

My experience has been an awesome one so far so I would looooooove to share it with hopes that it might help others.
(If I have to time to blog that is. Barely have time to sleep :p)

Ian's Mom.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

It's NOT transparent!

Transparent bra straps are FUGLY!

There you go, I've said it again for the gazillionth times. I mean, the name itself is already darn stupid. They call it transparent when it's NOT!

So girls out there who sinfully own that darn thing, let me ask you a question. Have you ever seen A-list celebrities wearing it? No right? Cause there's this thing called strapless bra or you might even wanna try Pasties or don't wear a bra at all! Anything is better than wearing that clear bra straps.

Look at these pics and judge for yourself.
As for me.....One word......TACKY!