Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Officially Bluunis'ed

I usually try my best not to go out if I don't have any errands to run cause knowing me,  going out will also mean burning multiple holes in my pockets.
After hibernating all through weekends, I finally went out yesterday cause I had to go to Tm point and post office. True enough, I went on a stroll at the The Curve right after, looking for buy to reason things..........not reasons to buy things cause I'm cool like that. hehe (ok not funny)

I managed to restrain myself from buying  any more clothes *pats myself on the back*

.My feet dragged me to check out Bluunis instead! *bitch slapped myself with my foot*

So, I went in and asked the lady over the counter about the price of their services.
She asked if I wanted to shape my eyebrows or do facial instead. I didn't know they offer facial as well cause their ads were usually about having perfectly shaped eyebrows.
Eyebrow shaping (not embroidery) was Rm 35 and normal facial, Rm168.
Which one did I choose?........... Facial la of course! cause I always choose anything that are more expensive :p (Yes. I'm not that clever)
No. I figured, facial always include eyebrow shaping so I chose facial instead cause anyone who see my face will know I'm in dire need of face pampering. Except my husband of course cause he will forever say I'm the prettiest woman in the whole wide world!  (cause he's a cinapek who's trying  to protect his money from the crazy wife hahaha)
I'm joking! He's actually a cinapek who understands my need for manipedi, facial and massages. I know, I'm lucky right? hehe

Overall experience at Bluunis was quite okay. Not much difference from my usual place-Biotherm. (duh! how different can a facial be, right?) I personally like the face massage.It was superb.My eyebrows, however, looked pretty much the same as it was before I went into Bluunis. I felt a wee bit disappointed cause I had high hopes that my eyebrows would look exactly like their ads *slaps forhead*.

My verdict?
I think I'm gonna stick to my ever so reliable tweezers and also threading. At least it's cheaper. I'd go threading every week if not for the bearable pain.
To actually have the kind of eyebrows you always see in Bluunis ads, you will have to do eyebrow embroidery which will cost waaaay more than rm 35. I think it's around 500++. Not sure.
What they do is, they'll poke your skin with needles and put dyes! or something like that. hehe. Since I am blessed with luscious brows (thank goodness) I don't need brow embroidery (double thank goodness). Those who succumb to it are those  who have less bushy (or close to baldy) eyebrows :p

Oh beauty, the things we do for you! Who says it's easy being a woman? Come I bitch slap you with my foot too....


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