Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Malaysian Dollar (M$)

These were the first series of Malaysian dollar banknotes issued in 1967. I've had it in my possession for more than two years now but never paid much attention to it. Found it tucked nicely in my old organizer :P

One sweet, old Chinese lady came to CIMB bank where I use to work and asked whether or not she can still use it to make purchases. She actually took the money out of a big, red angpow packet I kid you not! Hence why the notes are still crisp with no folded marks whatsoever. I can still remember the sad look on her face when I said no :( . She then asked if I could change the notes to the current ones ( Third Series 1996).

Again, I had to disappoint her when my supervisor told me we were not allowed to. I told her that she should really really just keep it but she said she has no use for it and that she would rather have the current ones. She was quite adamant about it, so I offered her my own money in exchange with the notes of  the same denomination and she was more than happy to switch. I thought that it would be quite cool to show it to everyone cause it was my first encounter of such notes myself. Win win situation no? I wonder how much collectors are willing to pay for it? Anyone? 

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